DEN Webinar Series Announced!


Who ever said summer school isn’t fun?  Get ready for your school year with an amazing series of complimentary professional development sessions from the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). The series will run from August 3 through August 27 and will feature sessions on Digital Storytelling, School Leadership, Science and Web 2.0.  All of the sessions for the DEN Summer School Webinar Series begin at 11 AM ET.

 Register today at:


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  1. Jen Smith said:

    I attended the webinar this morning on all the new things coming for the upcoming year and I found them to be very exciting. Although I start school the first week of August, I can’t wait until the updates are made so that I can use them in my own classroom. I also plan on sharing what I found out today with fellow collegues and my administration as a wonderful tool we can use in our classrooms to help inhance our curriculum with technology. I can’t wait for the additional webinars to come.

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