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A successful event caches in on people in the backstory who make everything run smoothly. Let’s begin with the administration at Discovery, the creative genius and the economic support for the first-ever DEN National Geocaching Day on May 30. Follow that with Intermediate Unit 21 and my go-to guy, former fellow district teacher, STAR, and newest addition to the PA DEN LC Events Team, Michael Chichocki, who lent us 18 TomTom GPS units. Then there’s Jennifer Brinson, STAR LC also new to the Events Team, who is moving into her dream job as one of two district Instructional Coaches. Brinson is in the first group to participate in the Discovery Education/Wilkes University Masters Program in Instructional Media. Both are great friends and a collaborative pleasure, so working with these two is always fun. Add Shannon Gaumer, who made certain our geocaching things arrived on time and arranged for Discovery to pay Cosi for our PM lunch, and you have the backstory. Brinson and I created the caches, but when it comes to latitude and longitude, I deferred to her math skills and pulled a Boswell to her Johnson. Brinson, who also wears a Mary Kay hat, supplemented our prizes with some goodies for both genders.

The main event, National Geocaching Day at SHS, was one of many PA geocaching events; ours pulled in our community–faculty, staff, family, and friends of all ages–and it was great fun! We had 27 participants, began geocaching at 3 PM and had lunch at 5, then trekked off to Coca-Cola Stadium for an Iron Pigs baseball game. All in all, the day was weather perfect and a great annual event. To see how we cached in, check out the Animoto video.  And we would still love to hear from other PA leaders who hosted a Geocaching Day.  In a few days I’ll be launching our Travel Bug, but more about that later.

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