Just two days left . . .

sleuthingshirtlogo.pngThat’s right – there are only two days left before the big reveal party at the DEN in SL headquarters (2DP), where we find out “whodunit” in the IDiscover Sleuthing game! A source close to the investigation has revealed that one SLeuth has already guessed the correct culprit! Could it be you? Have you not even started playing the game? There is still time! Read on for some helpful information that can assist you in either solving the mystery you’ve already been participating in or get started on catching up!

First of all, there is a suspect dossier that narrows down the list of suspects to twelve. Bookmark the site, then consider all the clues that have been given. All clues are listed here, in case you missed one in-world or one of the extra Twitter clues.

Clue #1: The evil villain who committed the crime is someone that has been thought to be a true friend of the DEN in SL.

Clue #2: A crumpled note was also found by the blood spatter. It said “Your absence has been noticed.”

Clue #3: You find a star talisman. It may have fallen out of the suspect’s pocket. You turn it over and find something engraved on the back. It says “Friendly”.

Clue #4: A mobile phone was found by the fountain. The screen had the following numbers on it: 8 6 5 5 2 7

Clue #5: Receipt for 1 pr Laredo  4242 Boots – Purple     200L$

Twitter Clue #1: A friendly state may guide you.

Twitter Clue #2: it seems there is an increase in injuries around the DEN in SL.

Now you have all the clues. You have all the suspects. Do you have the answer? Find out Wednesday, June 17, at 5:00 p.m. SLT. It’ll be fun, there will be prizes for SLeuths and everyone will get a t-shirt for participating!


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