Lehigh Valley Summerbridge Teacher Orientation

Thank you to all the wonderful college and university students who are spending their summer working with middle school students in the Lehigh Valley Summerbidge program.  I applaud your commitment to learning and to your community.

Click here to log into Discovery Education.

Here are some resources that will be helpful in your use of DE streaming and DE Science this summer.

Here are some great Web 2.0 applications.

Here are some additional educational technology training resources.

These are just really useful applications.


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  1. Jarred said:

    Thanks Jen! Could you bring along or make available to our teachers the resources that you used last year as well! They really liked it and used it a lot! It was the list of web 2.0 tools.

  2. Jennifer Dorman said:

    Most of those are actually included in the presentations, but I will bullet out a list as well and update this post.

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