PA People in LC

Growing our Leadership Council for DEN netted some great new PA people to add to the original team. We are grateful to the following team that will strive to bring innovation, creativity, and collaboration to leadership, blogging, and event planning. Here’s your Pennsylvania LC for 2009-2010:

Meg Griffin – Chair
RJ Stangherlin – Blog Coordinator
Patti Duncan – Events Coordinator

Blog Team
Robin Martin
Traci Blazosky
Joe Oliphant

Events Team
Janice Abernethy
Jim Beeghley
Bridget Belardi
Jennifer Brinson
Mike Cichocki
Mary Davis
Joyce Good
Tracey McGrath
Vicki Reed
Martha Rougeux

Matt Monjan
is the DEN’s regional manager for the Mid-Atlantic states. He is also one of the PA DEN’s biggest fans!


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