Scott Kinney on the Future of Learning

Today, the House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing to examine how technology, innovative education tools, and digital content are transforming and improving education in America.  The DEN’s very own Scott Kinney, Vice President of Outreach and Professional Development for Discovery Education, served as one of seven panelists who testified as to how technology and digital content can improve American education in the future.

Citing recent research, Scott illustrated that students use technology profusely at home, while most are unable to use that same technology in the classroom.  Today’s tech-savvy students function by consuming, processing, and learning from media, in many forms simultaneously.  Scott asked the committee to envision an educational system that supported the use of technology in the classroom, therefore, supporting how students learn naturally.

What do you think?  If you were asked to testify in front of the House Education and Labor Committee on the Future of Learning, what would you share with them?


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  1. Anne Truger said:

    Excellent Job Scott! Thanks for sharing Steve!


  2. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC said:

    As others said, great job! It was interesting to hear the panel’s thoughts regarding technology in education. There were a few of us who had a discussion going on about the topic in the DEN Chat Room as the proceedings occurred. I’m interested to see what the committee does with the information they received.

  3. Cindy Lane said:

    Scott, you are my hero! What a terrific job you did to support the Discovery Mission and Education! I bow in your general direction and appreciate all your hard work!
    YOU are a GREAT Orator!
    Your friend, Cindy Lane

  4. Stephanie Madlinger said:

    Fantastic job Scott! It will be interesting to see how this will effect the future with both PD & teaching. Thanks to you & Discovery Education’s continuous support with education & our future.

  5. Carolyn Rains said:

    You represented us well!!! Go Scott!!
    I am thrilled to know they were willing to listen! Digital integration has got to happen from the top down. Learning is a continuous process for everyone involved!

  6. Scott Kinney said:

    Thanks, you are all very kind. Looking forward to seeing everyone at NECC!

  7. Tracy said:

    This makes me more proud than I already am of being part of the DEN and its’ awesome team of experts and educators.

  8. Jennifer Jensen said:

    Excellent job “Mr. Kinney!” I believe having the opportunity to share the amazing DE products with the committee was so valuable…I hope they were listening and truly help develop the technology in EVERY classroom.

  9. Mark J Perlman said:

    sound like Scott was succinct and right-on (would we expect or accept anything less?) Elected officials need to be shown first-hand the differences between a ‘normal’ classroom and our students’ ‘real’ world.

  10. Donna Criswell said:

    The paradigm is indeed shifting.. but it won’t be successful unless we provide substantial and ongoing professional development.. right on Scott 🙂

  11. Kate Erdosy said:

    Excellent presentation. There is a definite disconnect between the way students learn and our educational system today. Thanks for pointing out the need to equip our classrooms and teachers with the “gear” and know-how to make the world relevant to 21st century students.

  12. Corey Graham said:

    Good presentation. Scott did an excellent job emphasizing the importance of technology in schools. If I were address the committee, I think the biggest thing I would stress would be the level of funding that actually goes into putting technology in the classroom. Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents always say that education is one of their number one priorities. They say they want to make the education in America competitive again. Well to do that there needs to be a real commitment. A school with one computer lab with 700 students is just not getting it done in my eyes.

  13. Scott Lindsey said:

    The future of learning is changing and technology is being used more frequently to help students learn and understand topics that we as teachers were unable to address a few years back. Also, technology is allowing students to become more in touch with political figures through the use of the internet..

  14. Megaen Reader said:

    Great presentation. Funding and training for teachers is essential to mention!

  15. Katie said:

    Awesome job, Scott! I think that its great to have people out there defending the cause and showing the world why it is we need to continue using technology in our schools. Like someone above said, the funding is the biggest issue. I wish there was some way around that.

  16. Jackie Bishop said:

    Great job Scott! Students are consuming information through technology at an amazing rate. Education is changing. Teachers need to have more training in using technology in their classrooms.

  17. Tari said:

    Fantastic job of getting across a much needed message! Hopefully school districts across California as well as the nation will start realizing that our students learn in a different way than they did 15-20 years ago and start providing the Professional Development needed for all educators, not just those of us that seek it out on our own.
    Great message!

  18. Joanie Beckenhauer said:

    Overall, I thought Scott represented us well. Honestly, I thought the PowerPoint was a little blah. To make the information he was presenting really pop, using images, as he did so well in the rest of his presentation, and losing the bullets with minimal text would have really nailed it.

  19. Jeremy May said:

    I agree with Scott presented to the committee about using technology in our schools. If I were to present to the same committee on this topic I think I would use everything he did, but go into a little more detail about how unequal school districts are on providing access to technology, and how the United States is continuing to fall behind with technology related careers. As educators we must be able to help our students improve their tech ability and desire to learn. Without access or newer tech, however, the students become less interested in school. Until legislators know what is happening in schools around the country, they don’t know what to fix. Everything is changing so quickly in the world, and schools have to be able to keep up with it for the students.

  20. Kristine Dreaver-Charles said:

    I think Scott makes a valid point that students have more access to technology at home. It would benefit students if they had equal technology resources at school. Teachers need to be able to access computer labs and equipment for use during their classes.

  21. Donna Edwards said:

    The presentation that Scott made was integral to the information that the other presenters shared at the June 16, 2009, hearing with the Committee on Education and Labor. According to the House Education and Labor site, this hearing was held to examine how technology and innovative education tools are transforming and improving education in America. Most of the awesome presentations centered on the “why” of innovative technology and education. Scott’s discussion centered on both the “why” and the “how”. Scott’s presentation was timely and inspiring.!”( It is great to know that “Discovery Education has sought to continue to respond to the changing way America’s students learn!” (

    Way to go Scott and DEN!

  22. Brenda said:

    Great presentation! Technology is changing the education system and we must continue updating our tech skills!

  23. Michael McCree said:

    Scott has really hit homerun with this presentation. We have to equip out teachers and clasrooms with the technologies of today. You just can’t use a textbook anymore.

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