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Our own Scott Kinney testified before a House committee today. Here’s a cross-post from the DEN national blog.

Today, the House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing to examine how technology, innovative education tools, and digital content are transforming and improving education in America. The DEN’s very own Scott Kinney, Vice President of Outreach and Professional Development for Discovery Education, served as one of seven panelists who testified as to how technology and digital content can improve American education in the future.

Citing recent research, Scott illustrated that students use technology profusely at home, while most are unable to use that same technology in the classroom. Today’s tech-savvy students function by consuming, processing, and learning from media, in many forms simultaneously. Scott asked the committee to envision an educational system that supported the use of technology in the classroom, therefore, supporting how students learn naturally.

What do you think? If you were asked to testify in front of the House Education and Labor Committee on the Future of Learning, what would you share with them?


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  1. Janet Hallstrom said:

    Oh, my, Scott,
    I am so impressed. You spoke so well words that so desperately needed to be said. You are a crusader for those of us who are struggling to bring education to the world in which the students now live.

  2. Janet Hallstrom said:

    P.S. Can you put this video in MediaShare. What a great way to influence teachers and administrators to step up!

  3. Janell Hoffecker said:

    This was a great way of sharing how technology can improve education and open a new world of education to our students. I think this would be an interesting clip to share with administrators and school boards in districts who need the extra “push” towards the integration of technology. It also reminds us that this movement is not isolated to just larger school districts across the nation; it is a call to improve our educational system everywhere.

  4. Cynthia said:

    This was a great report that confirmed the many benefits of using technology to improvement student achievement. The ability to differentiate instruction to meet the learning styles of diverse students is an important aspect of technology. However, this initiative to improve education with technology and digital resources is still a challenge for the many districts that lack access to 21st century learning tools. As Scott stated, districts would also need to offer professional development opportunities for teachers. Teachers need mentoring and support so they use technology effectively and not counterproductively. 21st century learning tools surely have the capability of enhancing education in America.

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