New DEN STARS from Michigan

This year, several Michigan educators applied and were accepted to be DEN STAR Educators.  To learn more about what that means and to apply, click here.  DEN STARS have access to training kits, special events, and fun perks.  The best part is being connected with other STAR educators from across the nation.  Welcome to the following new 2009 STARS from Michigan!

  • Karen Lemmons
  • Shawn Massey
  • Derk Oosting
  • David Taylor
  • Andy Blackman
  • Stefani Lennard
  • Peggy Stasko
  • Cynthia Alvarado
  • Katherine Lisk
  • Karen Christian
  • Carol Smith
  • Michele Cannaert
  • Sharon Kubica
  • Mary Johnson
  • Mary Lynn Kovach
  • Michael Thomasma
  • Erica Trowbridge
  • Laurie Custer
  • Naomi Roberg
  • Kristi Cummings
  • Kathleen Donohue-Vredevoogd
  • LaFleur Linda
  • Susan Nykamp
  • Megan Reilly
  • Karen Shoskey
  • Kelly Slagh
  • Jill Sloothaak
  • Kathy Swanger
  • Katharine Valz

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