It's a Wrap! Now we know whodunit!

unklar_001.pngThe DEN in SL hosted a party Wednesday, June 17, to reveal who the culprit was in the missing motorcycle engine mystery. Several people gathered in the DEN lobby near the scene of the crime as we listened to police radio communications which indicated the cuprit was being followed to 2DP. Everyone excitedly awaited the arrival of the perpetrator. Whodunit? Unklar Klaar rode in on his new, shiny motorcycle and revealed that he had not “stolen” the engine, but that Demb Oh had given him permission to use it in his new bike. Crime solved!

Unklar also made a great point “how can something be stolen in a virtual world?” Nothing exists! Winners include: Telos String, grand-prize winner of 2500L$. Telos was the only participant who had deciphered all the clues and determined that Unklar was the culprit. Two runners-up were drawn from all the names of the people who had been participating and sending emails to Celestia. The two who won 750L$ were Emilia Cornwall and Moriarty Finesmith.

unklar_015.pngSince there wasn’t an evil villain in our midst, we all adjourned to the roof, where music, dancing, and swimming in the pool commenced. It was a great way of relaxing after several weeks of solving the mystery.

Stay tuned: there is great interest in another IDiscover Sleuthing game, so watch for details soon! If you participated in the game and wasn’t able to be at the reveal party, you can still get your t-shirt by visiting the scene of the crime one more time.


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