Keep your STAR status!

Don’t forget!!  In order to maintain your STAR status, you must report at least two of your events for the 2008-2009 school year by August 31, 2009.  We don’t want anybody to lose their STAR status, so be sure you take the time to let us know about all the times you’ve shared the power of Discovery Education with your colleagues!

What is an event ?  An event is any time you share the power of Discovery with 3 or more colleagues.  Share an integration idea over lunch with your grade-level team.  Demonstrate to your peers how you use a Virtual Lab in DE Science.  The list is endless. Log in to the DEN website and you’ll see “Report Event.”  If you are not sure of how many events you’ve reported send an inquiry to


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  1. Jeanne Green said:

    I’m having trouble reporting my events.
    I want to keep my STAR status, but am unable to “find” the event reporting page. I found the “Report Event” to click on, but it doesn’t take me anywhere except for the “Keep Your Star Status” page.
    Please help 🙂

  2. Laurie McFarlane said:

    On Tuesday, June 9, 2009, I presented an Introduction to Discovery Streaming class to seven teachers at my school site. As I understand it, this is the first requirement for attaining Star Educator status. I believe the second step is that I must present at least one more class within 6 months. Is that correct? After that, will I be considered a “Star Educator?”

  3. Laurie McFarlane said:

    The statement above says that we must report two events by August 31. Please note that I just signed up to be a DE Star Ed in May, and will not have the opportunity to meet with teachers at my site again until September.

  4. Carolyn Gardner said:

    I have been trying to login to my den area, and I am being popped out. Solutions??

    I am checking on my status. I had sent in 3 mini lessons that I had done with the teachers, but I can not see if those have been posted.

  5. Linda Cober said:

    Thank you, Jennifer! Like some of the others, I too have had trouble finding the link to submit my events. Your giving us the url is much appreciated. I suggest that when the email newsletter is sent out to us that instead of just email address if we need to contact them, there also be the url to submit the event. I would have turned mine in much sooner if I had been easily able to just click on a link instead of searching without success and deciding to wait until I had more time to search. Again, thank you!

  6. Deborah Parks said:

    My school district was out by the end of May and I’m unable to log any more events until school resumes in August. Will I lose my STAR status?

    Debbie Parks

  7. Scott Lindsey said:

    I have an event, i was at lunch the other day with three student teachers who just finished their professional semester and they all were very impressed with my technological knowledge!

  8. Theresa Mangione said:

    I am also having trouble I reported my second event and it keeps asking me for another please email me my events information
    I would like to keep my star status
    Theresa Mangione

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