Flip, Zi6 and NECC

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Reflecting on this last school, it has become quite obvious to me that schools are moving away from mini-DV tape camcorders and towards less expensive, flash memory cameras like the Flip and Kodak’s Zi6 or Zx1. I think there may have been some brief flirting with DVD and hard drive camcorders, but they have their own management problems and don’t represent any significant cost savings. I had been planning to write a comparison of the two right at the end of school. What stopped me was importing video into Windows computers. (I am holding my Mac-biased tongue here, all my Apple video editing programs seem to be just fine importing video from either camera.) MovieMaker can handle the Flip’s video files after installing the right codec and Adobe Premiere Elements is  happy with the Zi6. However, the converse is not true and I haven’t been able to find any online solutions. So, one of my main goals at NECC week after next will be to try and get some face time with the camera and software people to see what they know. I would also like to hear from you. Do you use one of these cameras or another flash memory brand with PC software? Would you please share your story here via comment or email me at jbtv(at)mac.com?


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  1. Maggie said:

    I actually ran into trouble uploaded Flip video into my macbook. I poked around some forums for help and some suggested that I needed to install software before the mac could work with Fip video. I do love the ease of access the Flip offers, though…

  2. Rod Murray said:

    We had some problems using FLIPs but they usually worked ine, after waiting to upload while the CODECs loaded.

  3. Jeremy May said:

    Hi Joe! I was in your Digital Storytelling class at Wilkes. What a fun time I had!! I liked this article to give me some information about the camera technology available for my classroom. I haven’t used these cameras yet, but I am familiar with the Canon FS100 flash media camcorder. This camcorder records to SDHC cards and does a fair job quality wise. I have also use a Samsung flash camcorder which did an excellent job recording. These are both available for between $200 and $300. They record in a PC and MAC friendly format and are recognized by movie making programs quickly. I’ve heard Cisco is releasing an HD pocket camcorder which is about the size of an IPod or IPhone. It has a similar set-up to the 2 you reviewed here, but will install all software the first time it is connected to the PC. Hope this helps!

  4. Amy McCall said:

    Thanks for the insight. I am looking for a new camera.

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