NECC Prep Sessions a Big Hit!

Over the past week we’ve held several informal discussions to share ideas for those attending NECC for the first time. JessieMarie Flanagan held one last Sunday at 2 DP, and last night we held a joint discussion on Capitol Hill with NECC Program Chair, Anita McAnear ( RL), Ilse Markova ( SL). There is one more NECC Prep planned for Monday, June 22nd, but even the NECC veterans will want to attend this one because we can ask questions about Washington DC to people who live in the area.


If you are attending NECC, the first place to look is the online program and start using the conference planner.  Anita explained that there are many choices starting with featured keynote and spotlight speakers, lectures, poster sessions, student showcases, research papers, birds of a feather, various lounges and of course the exhibit hall.  Some events required pre – registraion like the workshops and BYOL. Of course don’t forget there will be lots of DEN Stars presenting as well.

If you aren’t able to make it to Washington DC, then check out all the ways to join virtually.  There will be an SL Playground, and a 21st Century Media Center Virtual Playground  and docents  will be at ISTE HQ. There will also be backchannels, Ningtweets and NECC unplugged.

Some of the veteran NECC attendees suggested to pack for all kinds of temperatures and possible rain, wear layers as it could hot and muggy outside, but cold in the Washington DC Convention Center. Also comfy shoes are a must. Bring your laptop and even a power strip. This are just a few of the suggestions from last night.

Join Riptide Furse and others on Monday, June 22nd, who are from the Washington DC area and can help with your questions, concerns and general tidbits about how to make the most of your visit to the Nation’s Capital. We’ll go over last minute things to pack. A few hidden secrets of what to see, how to get around, and how to have the best time ever at NECC.

We will meet at the 2 DP roof pool June 22 at 5 PM SLT ( 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST)


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