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This post is to let everyone know that with the recent Leadership Council election process we have had some changes to the Discovery Educator Network in Second Life Leadership Council (DEN in SL LC).

Our blog chair – Laelia Laval will be taking a much needed breather and becoming a blog team member. While not leaving the LC, she is looking into ways of moving us forward. I know I’m joined by everyone in thanking her for getting us off to such a strong beginning and leading on the path to an award winning blog.

Celestia Cazalet will be stepping into what might be thought of as the Cruel Shoes of the blog chair position. Cel has been co-chairing our building and land team. She is ready and able to lead our blog team.

Lor Fredriksson is staying as our fabulous events chair person. She will be joined by Beth Kohnke and JessieMarie Flanagan. Both of whom have worked tirelessly since our inception.

That brings us to the announcement that we have expanded our leadership council to include three new members. They are Valaina Shepherd, Vita Demina and Telos String. All three will be joining our events team as well as posting the occasional blog entry as all of our LC members do. These active members will add much to our team as we look forward to bringing even more to our members in the way of professional development, sharing, networking and fun social events.

Our new members will be introducing themselves to all of you here in posts that will be coming. So stay tuned.

Please put your virtual and real life hands together to congratulate the new DEN in SL Leadership Council.


*UPDATE* I did forget to mention that I, Riptide Furse, will be continuing as chair of this wonderful group of people.


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  1. Emilia Cornwall said:

    Congrats to all!! Looking forward to more wonderful classes and, most importantly, great parties at the DEN/SL!!

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