Discovery Education Assessment Webinar (Monday 06/22 1pm EDT)

Greetings Blogoshphere!

This afternoon (Monday) I’ll be hosting a webinar that provides an overview of Discovery Education Assessment’s Predictive Benchmarks. If any of you are available at 1pm EDT and are interested, here’s some information:

Match, predict and improve student performance on state exams with Discovery Education Assessment: Predictive Benchmark. A powerful formative assessment resource, Predictive Benchmark generates a clear, accurate picture of every student’s progress toward state-mandated educational goals. This webinar will provide you with an overview of Predictive Benchmark, an incredible resource that has been shown to predict performance on state exams with up to 90% accuracy.

Follow this link to register:

If you can’t attend this session, I do these at least once a month 🙂

Porter, Your Friendly Assessment Nerd


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  1. Ruth Abatzoglou said:

    Hi Porter,
    I saw your blog while perusing blogs for my online web 2.0 class and had to ask about your assessment webinar.

    I teach 10th grade Biology in CA at a school with many English learners and low state test scores. Assessment is a huge issue at my school and we are always looking for creative and successful assessment tools.

    I have looked briefly at Discovery’s assessment options, but I haven’t seen too much at the high school level for science, in terms of assessment. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Do you think your webinar would help me and will you be hosting a webinar in August?

    Thanks for your help.

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