Getting Ready For NECC 2009?

I’m still very bummed about not getting to go to the DEN LC Institute this year or the Pre-Conference. (We’re training here all week.)  I fully expect the DENsters to post lots of Tweets and Blog posts about these events so that we can all continue to benefit from such gatherings of educational technology leaders!  But, I do have my suitcase out and am excited about meeting up with DENsters from across the country during NECC 2009.

The National Educational Computing Conference is in it’s 30th year and will be gathering in Washington DC starting this weekend. Many teachers, IT support staff, administrators and gurus will hit the conference ready to share and learn from each other.  I thought it may be a good time to share some links that may make the preparations a little more easy. Or, if you won’t be going, some links to help keep you connected to the events and learning opportunities from the premier technology conference.    The home of the 30th Annual National Educational Computing Conference with current info links, social network links, and the planning tool links. Click over to the NECC09 pages where you can see the program and the conference planner tool (  The Ning is already popping! There are tons of posts already from presenters and attendees alike. What a great way to get ideas for what to do while there or a nice connection to learn from others who are there.   And for the Twitter crowd, 140 characters of updates from the NECC crowd.  Use the hashtag, #NECC09 to get your tweets included in the flow.  And why not include a quick look at the weather via  It’s really one of my favorite sites for looking at weather in the classroom.  When you have a good 20 or more minutes to kill, click through to their WunderMap. SO many options for looking at live weather data.

Have fun with these NECC tools whether you get to go or not.  If you are there, look for other DENsters. They are almost always a good bunch to learn with.  Have fun and safe travels!


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