Keeping up with the DEN…muggy summer days

I’ve been trying to participate in the LC Symposiums via googledocs and Mogulus feed. Not quite the same as being there (lucky Rosy, Lillian & Emily), but I learn something anyway. Look for future DEN events to be linked here via google calendar (one of the new tips).  Looks like Tim, Judy, Alexa and I will represent Arizona in the upcoming DEN Institute in San Fran Headlands during the second week of July. Watch for our postings here, too.

Do you communicate with your administrators about your beating_heart.gif of DE in the classroom? We’d like to have more active admin use the resources and tools and to that end, we have a special session setup for admin in DE on the tentative date of August 28. Please talk it up to your principal, tech director, curriculum director, librarian, etc., whoever it is that will “manage” your site’s DE settings. Those settings include the “sharing” option which has become very popular. You’ll soon see a registration link for this event in IDEAL Announcements.

Another very popular event has been the webinar previews of the new face of DE. Wow! So many new features – much like the best shopping sites (with personal preferences) that are available online. Did you schedule yourself for a preview? The new “face” is expected to be revealed July 2.  Try this link to register.

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  1. Emily Mann said:

    The Symposium was inspiring and brimming over with learning. Arizona is a great place to be and we have a great LC.
    Our plans for the Administrators’ Event are rolling. Thanks Vicki for the Theme. Thanks AzTEA and IDEAL and SIT for the support.
    Discovering the Undiscovered: Administrator Pathways
    August 28th, ASU Skysong
    Hall Davidson will be there as Keynote and breakout session leaders.
    3 Sessions
    * Content Creation – great tools for productivity, presentation and classroom impact
    * Context is King
    * Thinking Beyond the Slide

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