Start Blogging from the Cell Phone

For the past two summers I have blogged my way out west and into Canada. My friends  and family have enjoyed the daily adventures of my crazy life as I led them through the ethnic foods I tasted, people that I met and beautiful scenery that I was seeing for the first time. It started as a journal of my thoughts and then became my memories of two glorious summers with my husband of 29 years. This year my adventure will be different. I will be traveling to Boston then Washington and spending educational hours with students from around the globe. I am blogging my experiences so I can take them back to class  with me in the fall. My friend and fellow Star member Jason Parker helped me get started with blogging from my blackberry cell phone. I watched him on one of our last educational trips to Washington DC (during our Spring Break) as he would blog back to students in his classroom with questions as he was learning the answers on our trip. Here we were on Spring break and the students were eager for extra credit points. Students back home were surfing the web and looking up answers and giving a response. They responded to the blog on line as he uploaded pictures and ask historical questions.  The response was instant, unlike waiting to get to a laptop to download and upload.Do you want to learn how to do this for your own private use or to use in the classroom? If so go to and set up your own mobile blog. It is really not that difficult…just follow the directions for goblogger and create your scrapbook while you travel. 


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