Be a Shining DEN STAR!

Retooling the STAR DEN application process makes it easier to become a STAR as an opt-in member. In the past, the process was designed to be open but do things, so the prospective member knows this is a service organization. Enter a retool to be a STAR DISCOERY EDUCATOR. You can find a DEN STAR toolbox that wil guide you through a simpler process, done the Discovery way–videos.  As Steve would say, “Easy breezy.”  So, now we can get new members to join the way we love to learn, a great series of short videos.  In the application process, you also have access to great classroom resources, special STAR events, promos and contests, personal blogs, and access to field managers.  With all the benefits, you really want to join now, get involved, and stay active.  Discovery Education is a great sharing place, so if you want to collaborate with the best in the business and get tomorrow’s tools today, become a STAR!


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