Day 1 at the LC

Day one at the LC was focused quite a bit on improving the Leadership Council’s for each of the states.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing ways to get more organized and what the roles are for each of the LC positions.  One of the things that I really liked was the breakout sessions in the afternoon.  At that time, the LC Chairs all got together to talk about specific ideas related to their roles within the LC.  The Events team members did so as well, and I stayed with the LC Blog people.  Steve Dembo, who posts much of the information on the National Blog, shared some pretty good information about improving the WI DEN blog and the other state blogs.  We learned about some of the features within the blogging platform that is used for the DEN blogs.  Equally important was the time spent just discussing how each state uses their blog and what kinds of things they post.  We had time to take a look at the blogs from each state, which I thought was nice.  While I’ve briefly visited some of the other blogs in the past, having a longer period of time to dig in and really look at layout and content of the other blogs was very beneficial.


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  1. Rita A. Mortenson said:

    Sounds like some time well spent Chat. I look forward to the info. you post on the blog.


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