DEN Leadership Council Symposium (2009)

Greetings Blogosphere!

It’s Your Friendly Assessment Nerd, Porter reporting live from Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. I am here with  60 of the 225 members (from 34 states) of the DENLC. This is my first time interacting with these folks, so this is how they were described to me before coming here. “Porter, there are DEN members, and there are DEN Stars, then there are the members of the LC. These folks are the SUPER STARS!” I’m not sure who told me that; I think I heard it more than once… Well, it’s true!!!

There are many users of Discovery Education Assessment (DEA) out there, and we are just beginning to integrate with the DEN. Seeing the collaboration here really excites me on behalf of those teachers using  DEA who will become active in the DEN. (That’s what the DEAN’s List really is about, connecting our Assessment family to the DEN family.)

As a primer for those of us new to the DEN, here’s some info that I’ve learned about what being a DEN member, DEN Star, and DENLC means:

DEN Member: Anyone who registers and is active on is considered a DEN Member. As a member of the DEN, you’ll get access to free resources and can read and comment on the blogs (like this one!) This will connect you to the 125,000+ other members of the DEN!

DEN Star: DEN Members who are interested in sharing their knowledge about Discovery Education services with coworkers can get additional access (like their own blog and the ability to upload files for sharing) and support by applying to be a DEN Star. There’s a new video that provides more info. I’ll add it here when it is finalized.

DENLC: Members of the DENLC are DEN Stars that have been elected to represent their state. These are extremely active members of the DEN. They plan and support events in their state and have an active voice in shaping the DEN. Here’s some information about the DENLC.

DENLC Members and DEN Stars, if you’re reading this… please feel free to add more info in the coments about the commitment involved and the benefits. What are the best parts about being a DEN Member?


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Hi, Porter,
    Just accessed your new blog and I must say I love it. Promise to do a PA DEN blog on your blog, and hopefully you will get some more press/readers. I like the assessment piece since that’s a critical part of what we do w/data collection to determine decisions. Thank you for the work you do. Fun meeting you too.

  2. Susan Tompkins, LA LC said:

    Thanks for a great summary of the DEN LC Symposium. Welcome to a brand new world of STARS. This network is by far the best resouce I have. Could not make it this year, but maybe next year we will meet.

  3. Laura Pilker said:

    Hi Porter! Thanks for this great explanation of the “levels of membership.” I had a great time at DENLC!

  4. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I’m going to repost/reblog parts of your summary. I agree w/Susan: you gave an excellent summary. In answer to our conversation on what it means to be a DEN STAR/LC–in a word–everything!
    Because I am a DEN STAR, I have access to the tools of tomorrow today! As a DEN LC member, and especially as the blog coordinator, I share the responsibility for spreading the word on all things DEN as well as technology integration and educational updates. Most of all, for me, is the benefit to my students. Were it not for DEN, my PLN, my students would not be working on the cutting edge, nor would my team have made the top 10 in the world in J8. So, the benefit is beyond description: DEN helps all of us touch, train, and turnkey the future of America through our students. I’d say that’s really powerful.

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