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Can anyone keep up with Twitter? On a normal Twitter day, my PLN is always busy, but during NECC, well, the outage amps up and flies faster than double ground-strike lightning. From the folks at Common Craft collaborating with members of their Explainer Network, SayItVisually, comes a cool video, Skype Explained Visually.

This post is part of some changes coming soon from our LC bloggers. Whether we call it Tech Tuesdays, 2.0 Tech, or Web 2.0 Wednesdays, we hope to feature a tech tool a week. Simple explanations, tutorials, something lean and clean and easily inserted into what you already do. Our goal is (and I’m stealing this one from Brinson) to make phenomenal teaching easier and faster. So, be on the lookout for tech tools that are fast, fun, and free.

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  1. Matthew Dunn said:

    Thanks very much for posting our Skype video, we worked hard on it. Not be a stickler, but given how things tend to get propagated on the net, I wanted to correct something. Common Craft didn’t collaborate on or contribute to this video. It’s strictly a Say It Visually production. (We’re linked from their ‘Explainers Network’ page but that’s strictly a business arrangement.)
    Cheers Matthew Dunn Say It Visually

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