Lisa Parisi STARS at ISTE Awards Presentation

Whenever DEN STARS meet, you know you are learning with some of the best in the educational technology business. At our DEN LC Symposium at Discovery Headquarters, and the Pre-NECC DEN Birthday Party, Lisa Parisi was part of the the Leadership Council buzz. A super STAR, a team player, and NY DEN’s LC member, Lisa Parisi just added another award and our DEN community is so proud of her. Join us as we send virtual kudos to our very own Lisa Parisi, ISTE‘s Third Place winner of the 2009 SIGTel Online Learning Award with Christine Southard.

THIRD PLACE: Lisa Parisi, Denton Avenue Elementary School, New Hyde Park, NY, USA, with Christine Southard, Denton Avenue Elementary New Hyde Park, NY, USA. Project Title: Poetry Collaboration.

We’re sending out virtual WHOO-HOOs with DEN LC fingers (you’re either in or out on this one) Lisa and Christine’s way. We are so proud of you! You rock!

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