NECC '09.1

I have to admit to myself (and you) that I just can’t put together cogent, well thought out blogposts when I’m caught up in the swirl of a conference like NECC. Keynotes, debates, concurrent sessions, poster sessions, chance encounters, vendor visits, old friends, new friends… I think I just need to serve things up as little more than 140 character Plurk/Tweets until I get home and can distill some of this overpowering input. So, with that off my chest, I attended our annual birds of a feather Digital Storytelling SIG for just 30 minutes this afternoon and got this gem to share from PBS’s Frontline. They are putting a new spin on “work in progress” and inviting us to not only look and listen in, but also to be part of the story. Digital Nation is a documentary that will air in January 2010. Watch how it progresses and maybe take part in it yourself.

Watch this morning’s debate about the role/future of bricks and mortar schools. Though they declared a single winner, we all win by listening to these well thought out statements by some well known educators and two very eloquent high school students.


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  1. Janell Hoffecker said:

    I can’t wait for this documentary to be aired! It looks fabulous and what a real, in-depth look at how the digital world has had such an impact on our lives. It’s amazing to see hwo far the world has come in terms of technology and just how it changes our world!

  2. Vince Hill said:

    Always a pleasure to follow what you are doing Joe. Must say, I still think your Digital Storytelling class with Wilkes last fall was by far my favorite. I think because you actually engaged with us online with Elluminate sessions. Keep up the good work. I suppose if I had some time, I should have done this comment with my webcam and put it into story form.:)

  3. Joe Brennan said:

    I don’t recall that session as being all that illuminating, especially when Jason Ohler and I couldn’t agree on what time zone we were all in. But I did enjoy having you in the class and watching the videos you made.

  4. Jessica Elam said:

    I’m so sad that I missed the chance to meet you in person at NECC. I must admit, as a first-timer, I was in a technology haze most of the time.
    I agree with Vince’s comments above that your Digital Storytelling course is the best Wilkes course I’ve taken thus far. You’ll be happy to know that I’m helping to present Digital Storytelling at the DEN National Institute next week!

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