MediaShare – A Place to Get Organized

Coming Soon!  Media Share at the DiscoveryEducation will be found through the Educator Resources tab. MediaShare is a digital media management server;  a place to organize internal documents, files, forms, a publishing platform, internal memos, and/or presentations.

This would be nice for presentations and workshops so that all pieces are bundled together on one page and you don’t have to have  10 tabs open. In the description field, you can place embed code, such as VoiceThreads or Glogsters. In addition, you can publish Blabberize, Glogster or other documents here, to keep students from getting lost viewing things on a site that may not be educational (Blabberize as an example). DES has uploaded many presentations from over the years, such as the virtual conference in April. It also includes the chat window that matches the presentation.

There is a direct link to these files from outside the DEN. You can create a complete lesson and give the URL to your students and they can create a user name (anyone can get into the education resources by creating an account), and view what you wan them to see.

When searching for lessons that have already been uploaded by other DEN members,  search the DES MediaShare to find information for you such as:  8th grade/images/world languages.

Subscribe by RSS feeds as well.  Especially if you like one person’s resources and want to know when they post something new.


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