Getting Funny with Brad Fountain

Learning at the DEN Symposium is non-stop. Today we had many choices of workshops and this one with Bran Fountain delivered many new ideas for use in the classroom.

You can use the funnies or comics for a timeline, historical figures, instructions, dialogue punctuation, character analysis, plot analysis, storytelling, pre-writing tool, post-reading tool, and teaching concepts. After a field trip to the zoo where kids take photos of turkeys, create point of view about Thanksgiving. Also teachers have used it for creating digital citizenship, point of view of planets talking to planets, world languages, and drawing.

Verbal linguistic learner – visual images from DES and point of view, placing characters in sets and backgrounds encourages spacial learning.

Mathematical/Logical – how would you create the layout

Kinesthetic/Bodily –  using Goanimate (some questionable content) you can create action figures, use with grammar, science concepts, replay stories or book reviews in student’s point of view,

Interpersonal: Who are your characters friends? Using software called Pixton. Can have photos of people talking, animals conversing,

Musical/Rhythmic: personal stories, poetry illustrated

Comic Life now available for the PC as well as the Mac. Pixton is web based. FTC has a book of how to use Comic Life by a DEN STAR. Stop by their booth at NECC. You can export them to the web. Use for life cycle of cateillar, photo sharing, step by step process(FCS cooking or science lab example).

GoAnimate – put DES in the background by using images, photos or movies. Can grab images from and cut part of it to your screen. You can use audacity to add voice. BE aware that this is not an education only site.

Xtranormal -Text to speech animation video. You can put it on DES images or chose the backgrounds they have in their set. You can select the voices, but it is very computer-like. Can use it as a conflict-resolution scene, can use as a book report, weather report. BE CAREFUL there are some inappropriate actions or already created videos. You should create and download yourself to YouTube. There is a pay version for about $30 per year. Teryl Magee is in contact with them to work with an educational version and she will let us know what happens. The FREE version has 2 characters and basic backgrounds.

Pixton – They have a school version and it is FREE. You can move the individual body parts by clicking on them – be careful what your kids will do with it!

Brads presentation is available on MediaShare “Learning through the Funnies!!”


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