More and Muir Ways to Being Green by Lance

10 things you can do to become a GREENER Teacher

  1. instead of, black background on the search page. Blackle also has games. Does Blackle really save energy?
  2. Green resources from DiscoveryStreaming. There is a documentary about the tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is how the town rebuilt with environmental impact being a requirement.  Also, PlanetGreen has a series by Bill Nye “Stuff Happens”.
  3. Photo essays – created by animoto, photo story, PSA, comic, use DES clips to create something or Tips for a greener planet.(recycling)
  4. Share materials through MediaShare – don’t use trees to print
  5. Glogster – multimedia posters – BUT create it through
  6. GoogleEarth – you can create a scavenger hunt for students to travel around the Earth.
  7. – A new partnership with DiscoveryEducation. This site has tremendous resources for teachers about recycling and sustainability including details about which type of glass is best recycled. This includes good lesson plans, worksheets, writing prompts and other links and resources. Be sure to get the ThinkGreen widget to show how much energy you saved. You can take the widget and put it on a website, or on a GoogleEarth placemark. How cool is that?!? Have some students count the recycled cans and/or bottles and post it on your school web page.
  8. – Siemens created a”We can change the world Challenge”. Great contest for kids/schools. There are fantastic resources for setting up the process in your school. There is a contest where the winners will be on the Discovery Show “Planet Green”.
  9. – find funding sources from places you may not even know about.
  10. – Follow this blog for ideas about how to teach without using paper. You can find all the presentations from the DENLC and DENPC on the National Blog on Monday.

Photo by Barbara Martin, June 20, 2009, Brandywine Zoo Wilmington DE


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    1. Breanne said:

      I really enjoyed this list! I have really cut back on how much paper I use in the classroom now that I have a SmartBoard, but I am excited to try new ways to be “green” in the classroom.

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