NECC 2009 Winners

DEN in SL at the Education Support Faire 2009

Image by krossbow via Flickr

On behalf of the DEN in SL, I want to thank everyone that came by and said hi throughout the conference. Also thank you to everyone that attended our Bring Your Own Laptop session. It was great fun.

We had the following winners at our session. Each of these people won L$500.

  1. Makayla Charisma
  2. Witchyrichy Witherspoon
  3. Eleanor Anderton
  4. Mellie Bookmite
  5. Christy Millar
  6. Fang 2essinthal
  7. Denulus Parx
  8. Atomic Thespian

We reconnected with old friends and made lots of new friends this time. Some of the people we met will be presenting at the DEN in SL so keep a watch on the events schedule or subscribe to the Google Calendar of events.



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