Cleaning up after the 4th

My RSS feed reader, Google Reader, is full of unread blog posts, my inbox has is full of junk mail and spam. The grass in the lawn is so deep, people riding by probably think we have moved. It is too hot to worry about it. July 4th was fun, but was over too fast. Now, its time to start getting my laptop organized. Backing up to an external hard drive is one of the best tech decisions I have made. This morning, I tried to backup my Blackberry and this has resulted in multiple entries in my MacBook’s address book. Now, all my teacher groups need editing. That has to be one of the best reasons buying an iPhone. But, that is another story.  Here are three easy steps to think about if your desktop looks like mine.

  1. Save your files to “My Documents” or any location you think is easily recalled and where you can easily retrieve your files. It is advisable not to populate your computer desktop. You have to create folders for several file types and according to use; five folders for your desktop folders may be enough for easy file searching. Always bear in mind that there should be no individual files on your desktop to avoid messy-looking computer desktop—only folders. I noticed on my student’s laptops that some students even had color coded their folders.
  2. Inside desktop folders, create main folders for more specific categories of your files. Save move your files according to relevant folders. Make sure that your folder names are descriptive of what files are in them.
  3. If you think that you still have hundreds of files in your folders, further break them down into subcategories.  If you have that many folders, you might need to think about backing up and deleting some files from you laptop.

Backup– Backup– Backup!!!!


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