NECC '09.2


Well, I must have gotten a little distracted reading everyone else’s musings on the very last NECC (it will be the ISTE Conference from now on). I can’t believe it’s taken me a week to put together a few thoughts on Hall Davidson’s8 Things You didn’t know you could do with Video (and 2 You did).” Of course, Hall had a lot more than ten tips to share and you can get the whole list from his Discovery Education Speakers’ Bureau handouts page (the PDF is a quicker download). On the list (for both Mac and PC): a PPT trick to keep a video going over a number of slides, green screen/chromakey fun, QuickTime Pro, screen capture programs, Google Earth, cell phones, Film on the Fly, fun with reversing clips… You get the idea.

Not a NECC reflection, but a reminder – “Science of the Movies” visits the Jim Henson workshop on Thursday night.


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  1. Jackie Bishop said:

    Thanks for the tips, Joe. A colleague and I are working together to use digital stories with our classes.

  2. Pam Oliveira said:

    The “8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video” presentation looks fabulous. My school district recently cut all funding for workshops like these which I find discouraging. To be able to converse with fellow teachers trying to do the same things in their classroom – face to face – and hear presentations is invaluable. Luckily there are blogs and tweets to keep me in the loop. I am completely sold in Digital Storytelling and love the idea of the Film on the Fly.

  3. Shannon Kistler said:

    Thanks for the info Joe! We can’t go to these conferences anymore either, however, I also have to teach a class on digital storytelling this year. This information is really helping me make my class much more dynamic.

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