A five star review for DE streaming PLUS

Discovery Education streaming PLUS was recently reviewed by Multimedia and Internet @ Schools and imagine our surprise when we received an absolutely perfect rating: 5/5 stars!  Of course, to those of you using DE streaming PLUS, this won’t be much of a surprise, but the review is well worth reading and sharing.  A quick highlight from it:

Discovery Education streaming Plus is an absolute must-have tool to provide students with a richer, deeper understanding of topics under study. This is a great way to provide differentiated instruction, to allow for various styles of learning, and to enable students to become “eyewitnesses” to the events, places, things, and people studied in the classroom.

The flexibility of this resource can’t be topped. Educators can use an entire video or just a short segment to illustrate a point or to quickly demonstrate a concept. The latest version of streaming Plus provides two important features—the ability to differentiate instruction for ELL populations through the new world languages media and materials available in hard-to-find languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, as well as the opportunity to access comprehensive programming such as PBS productions, Planet Earth, Smash Lab, and more.

Discovery Education streaming Plus is a service that will enhance curriculum, meet standards, differentiate instruction, and—most importantly—expand the academic achievement of your students. Highly recommended.

To read the entire article, click here and register an account at MMIS, or download the PDF.



  1. Katie said:

    I have to say–I agree…The streaming website is a fantastic tool for teachers to use with students and for lessons. My eyes have been opened to its full potential. Congrats!

  2. Amy McCall said:

    I agree. I use streaming almost daily in my classroom.

  3. Ed Hostetler said:

    United Streaming is definitely a great resource. I used it this year more than ever now that we have projectors mounted in all of our rooms!

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