Maximize Your Searching Time in Discovery Education

If there is one natural resource consistently in VERY short supply for teachers it is time.  When I was in the classroom I never seemed to have enough time to gather all the resources to build the type of learning experiences I envisioned for my students.  That’s why I was so taken with the new grid view search results page in Discovery Education.

Take a look below.  (or, click here to see the image in a new window)

The new grid view yields 4x more search results in one page than the old list view in the previous version of DE.

In addition, users can mouse over the media asset to open up a preview window with a description, 10-second video preview (if the asset is a video or video segment), and other related information.  Users can add the media asset to their My Content folder with one click on the the preview window’s Add to My Content button.  All of this without ever even opening the media asset page!

It’s a time saver for educators who are searching for media content to build learning experiences and instructional activities.

But, if you really miss the old list view, you can always click on the List View button to revert back to the more traditional search results view.


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  1. Bartley McMurray said:

    This is some great tips. Being out for the summer, I have not seen this yet. Very useful info.

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