LC – Vita Demina

Hi all! Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of the newest members of the Second Life Leadership Council, and tell you I am excited to be part of such a great group. Some of you have already met me in SL as Vita Demina.

I first became a “resident” of SL in February of 2007 after being intrigued by a presentation on the virtual world at the DEN pre-conference at PETE&C . Vita DeminaAs soon as the conference ended I was home creating my account, and ….promptly became a drop-out after being frustrated because I looked like a fox ( I don’t mean “foxy”, I mean a FOX, tail and all) and no matter what I did I couldn’t look like a girl! I finally got my act together when the DEN in SL had their official opening later in August, and with the assistance of the great people in the DEN and some other kind friends along the way, SL became a breeze. That is why in my work with DEN in SL as a DEN Guide since January of 2008, I have been interested in helping new residents feel comfortable. So in addition to being on the LC Events team, I hope to still work with anyone who has questions or needs help feeling comfortable in SL.

In real life I am Patti Ruffing, and I have taught in a K-8 Catholic school for most of my teaching years (let’s just say ever so much more than 20). Though I have taught the gamut from science to music to Spanish, I am beginning my tenth year as tech coordinator, technology teacher, and network and website administrator for my school in eastern Pennsylvania. The professional learning network I have established being part of the Discovery Educator Network has helped my knowledge grow by leaps and bounds over these past two years. DEN in real life is an awesome resource and that resource extends right into the virtual world with the sharing that takes place among educators here.

Although it seems to be an easier road today starting out new in Second Life, there is still an awkward phase at the beginning. I look forward to helping anyone get over the bumps and enjoy smooth sailing (and shopping and building). Please IM anytime if I can help you, one on one or in a small group. Or look for me on weekends at 2 DP in my capacity as guide. And don’t forget to check the board for our events, especially the Newbie workshops if you are a new resident. Once here, a whole new world of learning awaits.


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  1. Laelia said:

    Welcome Vita!

    I’m excited that you’re now part of the LC. And thank you for sharing your initial experience with SL. I think too many people come inworld expecting to know it all and be able to do it all from the start. Yes, the experience can be frustrating, but knowing that there’s someone on the ‘inside’ waiting to help you through those initial days makes all the difference in the world.


  2. Lori Abrahams said:

    We look forward to working with you more now that you are on the Leadership Council. Welcome aboard!

  3. Mary Del Bianco said:

    Welcome! I am happy to get to know another new LC member and a catholic school technology person. I am sure your job is much like mine, tech everything person! I am learning a lot from this LC and I appreciate that you and I will come at problems and solutions from a similar environment. It’s good to have support. go DEN.

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