Organize Your DE Media With Ease

I love being able to bookmark content on the Internet to make it easier for me to access anywhere, anytime (especially, when I really need to find that great video segment I used last year for tomorrow’s lesson  . . .)

Discovery Education streaming and Science used to have a product-specific My Content that allowed users to create folders and subfolders and populate them with all the media assets and assessments required to build engaging multimedia learn experiences for their students.  The drawback was that users who subscribe to multiple services could only see the assets bookmarked to one service at a time.  The new launch of Discovery Education boasts an enhanced My Content folder that is universal, allowing users to access media content and instructional activities from all DE services to which they subscribe.  So, I can build a folder that contains video segments and articles from DE streaming, virtual labs and eBooks from DE Science, student activities from DE Health, and lesson plans from DE MediaShare all in one global interface.  Users will be able to access the new My Content from the icon in the global DE banner as well as from the My Content module on their My DE home page.

For users exploring the new interface, DE’s developers have put in a helpful “What’s Changed” button that will summarize the enhancements to My Content.

Your My Content section has been enhanced and is now global across products. This means that you can add and access content from any of your Discovery Education services through a single My Content interface. Please note that in order to make this transition easier we have created a folder for each product you subscribe to, and your My Content from each product is now located within that folder. If desired, you can now move your existing folders from the product folder into the root My Content view.

In addition, we have added a Trash Bin which holds your deleted content. In the case that you accidentally delete content, you will be able to click on the Trash Bin button and restore that content to the appropriate folder.

In a future post I will be addressing the new My Classrooms feature.  Once students are set up with a Student Center account they will also have a My Content folder to which they can save media and research. Teachers will even be able to access their students’ accounts to see what students are bookmarking to My Content.


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