Discovery Education has a new look!

Greetings !      On July 8th the new website went live. There are many exciting new features that will enhance your teaching. As with many websites when changes of this magnitude occur somethings do slip by. The discovery technicians are welcoming comments and constantly working to fix any of the bugs that occurred.  Please don’t hesitate to comment in the forums or blogs, be patient and polite as this is a process and they are diligently working for us.    Maine Star educators are currently receiving information for a workshop to go over these changes. The Stars are out there to help for you, don’t be afraid to reach for the Star’s!  While Star gazing should you choose to become a Star be sure to click on the “Become A STAR Discovery Educator” which is found by clicking on the DEN link in the upper menu bar after you log in.

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  1. education said:

    If only God would have dictated the creation account to the author in terms that complied with modern science, we would not be in the fix we are in! Shall we lay the blame with God? He could have brought the author “up to speed” and inspired a creation narrative that would have “stood the test of time”, and yet for whatever reason He chose not to. Instead, He inspired a creation story that fit into the cosmology of the primary audience, shepherds in ancient Palestine.

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