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On Wednesday, July 8 we invited educators to come reflect and share their NECC 09 experiences. Below you will find snippets of the very active conversation. If any of these items trigger a response or you want add to any of the conversation, please leave a comment.

Valaina Shepherd: I will never travel back and forth to NECC again 🙁

Valaina Shepherd: missed too much night things
Valaina Shepherd: and too tired

Just to interrupt this I would have to agree. I got home every night after 11 and was out of the door the next morning by 6:30.

Valaina Shepherd: I loved the BYOL session on Google Earth

Laelia Laval: I liked that the BYOL had tickets….

Valaina Shepherd: me too
Laelia Laval: I knew I had my ‘reserved’ seat

Telos String: i LOVE glogster

Riptide Furse:

Thunder Insippo: NECC is dead long live ISTE

Valaina Shepherd: I got a lot from the poster and student showcase sessions

Telos String: i tried to use Peggy Sheehy’s after NECC and I could not find it

Beth Kohnke: ISTE Vision Link

Telos String: I am huge fan of ROCK Our World
Valaina Shepherd: I liked her presentation
Thunder Insippo: Gail Lovely’s was great

Thunder Insippo:

Thunder Insippo: I’m enjoying SimplyBox

Thunder Insippo: it goes into a box of your making for organizing
Thunder Insippo: the students click the pictures to open sites
Thunder Insippo: very cool
Valaina Shepherd: my Kindergarten teacher loved the Gail Lovely session
Telos String: Gail is very user=friendly in her presentations

Valaina Shepherd: I liked the Leslie Fisher Gadget presentation

Riptide Furse: I think BUMP was the big hit with iPhone users

Cyndi Uriza: Quest Atlantis last night at ISTE had a big crowd. they did a great job, too

Sholi Oh: Quest Atlantis is a great virtual world. we have it.
Thunder Insippo: I’m doing the training that begins July 14
Riptide Furse: Sholi what grades?
Cyndi Uriza: I’d like to do the training.
Sholi Oh: ages 8-14

Thunder Insippo: the training that begins (@sholi yes) July 14th is perfect for US time zones
Thunder Insippo: My gifted resource teacher is doing it with me
Telos String: I’d like a partner teacher, i work with 6-8thgraders

Sholi Oh: When we did the training last Oct. We found that Quest Atlantis (QA) is so much more than we expected.

Telos String: is this the right url
Riptide Furse: for the notes or both work


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  1. Patti Ruffing said:

    Thanks once again for the sharing. (Missed the session, asleep in a chair, aaarrggh). I am going to investigate the links and try to catch up. Even though I wasn’t at NECC it was a great learning experience for me thanks to you guys and others who kept the rest of us informed. Still going back over all the sites I tagged. The Quest Atlantis looks very interesting. I am checking it out. Maybe I will see you in Denver!

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