Webinars are Rolling

Webinars to introduce the new Face of Discovery are rolling.  Please check on the schedule often and join us.  Justin did a great presentation today and the changes are very exciting and thoughtful.  I love that the Discovery presenters are so generous with the resources and presentations they create.  Check the right sidebar here to link to their pages.
SEI training is coming to a close and we are SIOP-fit and ready to scaffold for all learners.  We love that Discovery gives us even more tools.
Here are some example ELL Resources put together by our very own Justin Karkow, THE Arizona Discovery Facilitator, in his Powerpoint.  These are just examples and searching for many more just got easier with the new features of Discovery. Please share other goodies you find.


Learning Our Long Vowels (02:56) Long vowels say their names.© 2005 Twin Sisters
Learning Our Short Vowels (01:47) Learn about short vowel sounds. © 2005 Twin Sisters
Letters “c” and “g” Have Two Sounds (04:48) In words the consonants C and G are sometimes hard and sometimes soft.
Q and U Are Friends (01:13) \A song about words that start with QU © 2005 Twin Sisters
Silly Sally’s Sister (00:29)  tongue twister with the letter S © 2005 Twin Sisters
Singing the Consonant Sounds (04:36)  song about words that start with B,C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z © 2005 Twin Sisters

Closed Captions are great, but manipulating and improving them is even better!  Please see Matt Monjan’s PowerPoint about  How to find, Alter, Enlarge Close Captions These are such cool tricks, in fact, these and embedding so many good things like MediaShare files and Glogsters into Google Earth (Thanks Justin & Traci) have been some of my favorite learning this year.


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    Loved this post! I’m writing some IDEAL goals specific to DE and will share them with the DEN when they’ve been approved. After Aug 1, I’d like to get the link to AUg 28 admin registration posted here with a countdown widget. I was betting that you knew how to insert a countdown widget Vicki

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