Bring Google Earth Into Your Science Class

As I read a discussion on wind power the other day I started thinking about how little our students understand the concept of alternative energy.  In Discovery Education Science there is a great virtual lab called WOW! Windmills.  This is a great lab for students to explore how the location of windmills can effect the power being generated, but I thought there might be more students could to explore the concept once they have a greater understading of wind power.  As I searched for some ideas I found a great lesson from the UK that showcased the power of blending science with Google Earth.  The resources and image are from a site called Juicy Geography and is an example of students researching a proposed Wind Farm in England to and providing the students with all of the data and concerns to help develop their discussions on the proposed wind farm.  What I loved was that students created the wind farm virtually in Google Earth using Sketchup.  To see their creation download the kml file.

I found plenty of other possibilities for bringing Google Earth into the Science classroom as well.  For some examples check out these sites:

Designing and Creating Earth Science Lessons

Google Earth – Earth Science Directory of Resources

Earth Learning Idea


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