"Yippee Skippy"

In the DE Streaming PLUS webinar hosted by Justin Karkow, those 100+ of us attending were very excited by the enhancements the DE team created for us. The look and feel of the new interface, to quote Debbie Sawyer (and Justin followed through on this one) was “yippee skippy.” In short, we LOVED it! We were lively listeners, and the chat was a buzz of activity (that Justin kept up with seamlessly!). I thought I would follow up with some webinar Q&A chat.

Co;yright: A number of us simultaneously raised the copyright issue flag. The answer is that despite how we use and share our streaming work, whether in Glogster, Google Lit Trips, VoiceThread, or any other Web 2.o tool, the streaming will ask for authentication before a user could open it. Since you will have to have a registered account with DE Streaming PLUS, you will be able to access. Sans account, no access. And one of the most important features of streaming: DE vets its videos, providing three forms of bibliographic citations for 8700+ videos.

Built-in Blogs: When Justin discussed the assessment piece available through the builders, we asked if the new enhancements included a blog (beyond our STAR DE blogs, one for student participation). The answer is no, but Justin suggested that we create and embed a VoiceThread to engage students in the response piece.

Search Suggestions: Similar to Amazon (but much better, we thought) was a new aspect of searching. When you locate the stream of your choice, PLUS provides additional suggestions for your viewing, based on your search. In addition, each video can be rated, and provides the number of frequency hits, rating its popularity.

Writing Prompt and Assignment Builder: Participants said that in the past they used the passcode feature but this newer easier integration is even better. Writing prompts allow .html code so you can embed a variety of sources to your assessments. An interesting feature Justin mentioned (not advocated) is that DE Streaming sometimes works as a filter to allow access to YouTube videos. He does not recommend using it that way; rather he mentioned that it sometimes works that way. He cautioned us that we should always give our districts a heads up to the technologist in charge if we intend using it this way. Zamzar (my favorite) and Vixy are good YouTube converters.

Editable Videos, Green Screen, and Creating CounterFactual Videos: Can we mashup editable videos, use green screen techniques, and create counterfactual historical scenarios in video? The answer is yes, but they should be behind a filter, not be sent out to YouTube or a similar host, and must have accompanying bibliographic citations. For a one-shot presentation that has no commercial applications, yes, you can go for it. From Cindy Lane, who was a wealth of resources: you can grab the green screen effect for MovieMaker freeeee!

If you are looking for some great (fun, fast, and free) resources from our DE team, Justin has shared (via Media Share) a GREAT explanation, step by step, of the new enhacements to DE Streaming PLUS. Click here to view.

Download and Share Options: With PLUS, you can select how you choose to download. If you want to enable Flash for your district, all you need to do is have your Technology Administer contact DE and they will give your system access. My favorite thing of all (and this is a hard call, because I have so many favorites) is the share feature. One look says it all. Enjoy!

And from PA’s own Matt Monjan, here is another resource.

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