China Is Coming Soon

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Our East Coast’s only Discovery Adventures teacher, Heather Sullivan, is dreaming of China. She calls it her first “China panic dream,” and from the way she describes it, we’ve all been there (well, maybe not China, but the symptoms are similar). Heather joins Brett Harvey and Rita Mortensen, the other two DEN teachers on a trip of a lifetime, as they discover the undiscovered.

A few weeks ago, I promised Heather I would follow her adventures and her students’ blogs. The two earlier Discovery Adventure trips had reported out at the LC Symposium, and the thread that repeated was how excited the students were every day to check their blogs, hoping someone replied to them. Heather encourages you to join her travels:

You can follow all of our adventures at:

If you use the “join this site” widget on the right-hand sidebar, you can get updates whenever new info is posted. Also, I really encourage you to become followers of the student blogs. They are linked on the right sidebar as well. Discovery is running a contest for the students to encourage blog use. The student who ends up with the most followers to their blog by trip time (August 1st) will win a 16G iTouch!

I know that location can be everything, and since Heather is representing the east coast, let’s do our best to support her, Harvey’s, and Rita’s students as they begin their China experience.


P.S. Special thanks to DEN Star Heather Hurley (H270) for the link to the flickr tool I used@ the start of this post. Check it out! It’s super-easy & fun Spell With Flickr


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