Do You Have The Time?

Last year I was looking for a decent time-line program that was web based and came up with a few, but difficult options. This year there are several new winners in this field. The first one I want to share is . This worked as a nice alternative to the current presentation programs such as PowerPoint or Keynote. I was quite easy to create a time-line, after you create a free account. I collected images, facts and resources to compile into a 4 event sampler on the Iditarod Race.  See the example created.  What I particularly liked was the fact that there is a specific place in which to put the URL of your resource. I did have a little trouble with large images (over 600 wide), so I re-sized them before the import process. Overall I thought this would provide enough options for any grade teacher to use with kids. You could put the dates on the time-line with images, and print the blank slides for students to research the topic. This could be used as a study guide for just about any subject. If students were completing a science lab, this could be used as their observation documentation. Instead of using dates in the time-line they could just put “Step 1″ Step 2” etc. I encourage you to take a look at FREE this time-line program, no matter what level you teach, you can adapt it to fit your curriculum.


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