New LC Member Intro

Hi, I’m Telos String in SL and Mary Del Bianco in RL.  For what seems like forever, I have been an artist and an art teacher. This year I have given up my art teacher job to devote my time to technology. I will work with 6 – 8th graders twice a week in our computer lab and I will help other teachers integrate tech tools into their classrooms.  I am also working with a few after school programs because learning is definitely 24/7 and not all kids have the same chance to get connected. I am working to help improve that situation.  I am thrilled and anxious.  With my art background I am confident in my project-based learning strategy skills but with technology I always feel a little behind the curve. Kids always know more than me!  With Second Life DEN support though, I know I can keep up.  The best PD on the planet is happening in SL.  So I have offered my time and energy to keep the SL DEN active and at the head of the class.  I am willing to help newbies even tho I still consider myself one. I am willing to learn, to build, and to create.  I am a dedicated learner who believes that if we work together, we are better than any of us can be alone.  See you in-world at 2DP!


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