DEN National Institute Resources and Materials

GGB Thanks to everyone who participated in the DEN National Institute (face to face AND virtually).  The NI was a tremendous success and everyone learned so much.  You might say that we built bridges to connect ourselves with other members of the DEN as well as to best practices with digital media and instructional technology.  (pardon the obvious pun . . . considering that the NI met in CA practically in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge)

Our leave-taking on Friday afternoon was bittersweet as everyone forged strong relationships with each other.  If my Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk friend requests are any gauge, I am not the only person who felt the power of the DEN community.

Here are some resources that I’ve aggregated for the NI.  You’ll want to check National Institute 2009 page on the DEN National Blog for more resources as they are posted.

Discovery Education Flickr Photos – DENNI tags

DENNI Twitter Hashtags

DENNI Great Links and Ideas – Google Spreadsheet

Diigo Discovery Education Network – DENNI tags

Delicious – DENNI tags

DENNI CoverItLive

DENNI ustream sessions

Here is the link to the resources for my presentations at the DEN NI.


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  1. Melanie Corn said:

    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I wish I could have attended this year. I appreciate having these files to use! I always learn so much at Discovery events!

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