Hello PA DEN Blog!

I’m finally getting a chance to catch up with my role on the PA Leadership Council. As a Blog team member, you’ll be seeing more posts from me… so I’ll take this time to introduce myself. My name is Traci Blazosky (Ktitraci), and I am a first grade teacher at Clarion Area Elementary school in Clarion, PA. I am passionate about teaching and sharing technology with both my students and colleagues. I am a 2007 state level Keystone Technology Integrator and have facilitated the Keystones Summit at Bucknell University for the past two summers. Also a member of PAECT (Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology), I was named the PAECT “Teacher of the Year” for 2009. I have presented at numerous conferences, including TRETC in Pittsburgh, DEN’s Day of Discovery at IU3, DEN Pre-Conference at Pete&C, Pete&C, and the DEN National Institute. I am also the proud recipient of a DENny AWARD this Spring for Educational Resources. Okay… now for the fun stuff… don’t go to sleep on me yet!

One of my favorite Web2.0 tools that I use with my students is Glogster for Education. Glogster is an awesome site that enables students to dig into their creative mind through the creation of an interactive 3-D poster. If you happen to be a “newbie glogger” check out the tutorials that I have created. They can be viewed on the Glogster.com/edu website as well as my own professional website. Jim Dachos, Education Manager at Glogster was kind enough to join us at the National Institute this past week, sharing Glogster’s commitment to teachers and students. This fall, the Educational version of Glogster will become separate from the regular Glogster.com site. This is awesome for schools who have recently blocked Glogster.edu within their districts due to the inappropriate content that could be viewed from the site and sponsored contests. The new website url will be edu.Glogster.com. 100_2784

I look forward to getting to know the PA DEN Stars better through this blog. I’m heading to Bucknell this Sunday for the Keystones Summit, so if you’re a PA DEN Star and you are attending… please stand up and do a happy dance introduce yourself! If you’re not at DEN STAR status yet, you’re nuts… I mean… ask me!


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Welcome, Traci. So glad to have you on board!! We look forward to your posts and your sharing your expertise in technology integration. What a wonderful resource you will be.

  2. Stevie Kline said:

    Hi Traci,

    Congrats on your being named PAECT Teacher of the year and joining the Council.
    We are really fortunate in PA to have such great teachers and leaders who are STARS sharing their knowledge, classroom ideas and experiences. I will surely check out your tutorials on Glogster and visit your website.

    As an IU TIMS (Technology Integration Mentor) I will also be a Bucknell attending our Boot Camp at the same time as the Keystone Summit – I am conducting 2 Summit sessions Thursday afternoon on videoconferecing. Perhaps some of you STARS may want to attend.
    I have been a DEN Member since 2005 and a STAR for several years – I have learned so very much from being part of this network. We are so blessed to have such a vast team of experts so willing to share and I know are all much better teachers because of it.

  3. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Hi, Stevie,

    So many of us STARS are also KTIs. Any chance you could share links to your videoconferences. I’d be happy to post them and I am sure there are STARS out there who would love to attend. Thanks so much.

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