Jet Lag

Or maybe this should have been entitled “Full Sail ‘09.2/DENNI ‘09.1.” I thought I had posted a few thoughts while trying to switch gears a week ago after taking three planes from the Apple Institute in Orlando to the DEN National Institute near San Francisco (literally in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge). Except for switching oceans and time zones, I felt like I was in the same place: the themes of the institutes and the commitment of the attending educators were very similar. There were project teams and time set aside for individuals to share with the whole group. I am still digesting the Apple stay at Full Sail University and the DEN National Institute  experiences (as well as NECC) and eventually will have lots of sites to share. To get you started, watch this video explaining Challenge Based Learning by the SFETT alums who have grown up to be Alas Media.


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