Woohoo – DEN Institute in San Francisco

More than seventy DEN Star educators were excited to meet at the Headlands Institute in San Francsico for a week of collaboration using Web 2.0 tools. We bunked in single bed dorms (60 beds), ate exquisite food and plumped up our complexions in the foggy air. We were able to integrate the best of the best from Discovery in poster sessions, workshops, AmeriDEN Idol presentations and just some plain old f2f networking at meals, beachwalks, and cell signal searches! Arizona was fortunate to have four educators chosen to attend: Alexa Flores-Hull, Tim Johnson, Judy King, and me; Vicki Schmitt. I’ve asked them all to contribute photos and reflections here. My favorite sites were GoogleEarth, Glogster and WikiSpaces, but I’m exploring Prezi  and Xtranormal (please remember to look for the educator versions). For shared photos, links, wikis – search your favorite 2.0 tools using “DENNI” (for DEN National Institute – but I’ve discovered someone has a cute new baby named “Denni” so you may need to add “09” “2009” or “SF” (San Francisco) For some unknown reason, you’ll find 100+ shots of the Golden Gate Bridge as seen from our Tuesday trolley tour. Personally, I like the Flickr photos of the sourdough bread shapes from Boudin’s, group photos of us in matching shirts and hats (I kept thinking of the “Madeline” stories). Alexa (Lexi) contributed the photos below and I hope we hear from Tim & Judy soon.







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  1. Tim said:

    Hi Vicki! Great photos! How do I get you some photos and videos to post?

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