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Make Him Over Hunt

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Last night we gave an introduction to hunts in Second Life. These hunts are great for several reasons:

  • Gives you a reason to explore more of the creative sims and builds in Second Life.
  • You get free things from different designers. These can include clothing, hair, shapes, skin, furniture and more.
  • Meet new people and help each other.
  • Learn new skills and problem solve. The hunts can be difficult and using the hints to find things can take some thought. Also different designers use different ways to package some of their wares so you learn more about what is possible in Second Life as you find more objects.

Hunts usually work this way. You are given a starting point or slurl. There you find an information or notecard giver to get more info on the hunt. There may also be a group to join. This is where updates, changes and errors are posted so join it if you can. The group sometimes has a lot of chatter. This can either be helpful or annoying.

You will usually be looking for a particular shaped object. You will need to hunt and look around for that particular object till you find it. This can take a long time by yourself if the store or place is large. Best to team up and divide and conquer.

When you find the object click it or right click and buy it. They should be FREE. If it wants to charge you money then you have the wrong object. In the object will be the freebie(s) and a landmark to the next stop on the hunt. Some hunts are small with 5 or 6 freebies and others go well into the hundreds of freebies.

We looked primarily at the Just For The Guys Hunt that is going on right now across the grid from July 1 – July 31. We started with this page on the SLHunts blog http://slhunts.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/just-for-the-guys-hunt/ This tells us basic information about the hunt. What dates is it running. Where do we start. How many items are we looking for. What are you looking for.

We headed off to the KMadd Sim http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kmadd%20Enterprise/190/88/26 where the hunt is to start. We joined the group. Then started looking for the first fedora. The store was huge and we were running out of time. I searched for Just For The Guys Hunt hints and found this blog and found this http://huntlocations.blogspot.com/2009/06/just-for-men-hunt.html

Be sure not give away locations of the objects. You can give hints and if you are working with someone or a team use personal IM to tell but don’t use open chat as it ruins the fun for others.

A couple of other hunts we mentioned going on right now is the Cinderella’s Lost Slipper Hunt http://cinderellalostslipper.blogspot.com/

And the Slice Of Summer Hunt http://crystal.chiisana.net/SoS/index.php?instructions

You can keep track of all the hunts going on or upcoming on the SL Hunts blog.

Got a tip for hunting or have you found something good on a hunt? Share a picture on Flickr and then include a link in the comments.

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  1. Emilia Cornwall said:

    When on a hunt, it is best to keep your ARC low. That means dress down to the bare essentials. Added prims from shoes, jewelry, hair and accessories like belts, purses, etc. can produce huge lag when a sim is full of hunters!

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