The Wonderful World of Technology

It is a never ending list of the things we continue to learn about.  Some of us learn when things are first introduced and others of us find them later. Either way, learning is taking place and if we share it….someone else will find it! ( I heard a movie saying in my head> something like “Build it and they will come!”)  Diigo has been around and most have used it, but if you are one of the ones that have never taken time to do so, give it a try.

If you browse or read a lot on the web, you will find Diigo indispensable. Diigo is two services in one — it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.

Bookmark, highlight, and add sticky notes to any web page

  • Diigo highlights and sticky notes are persistent in the sense that whenever you return to the original web page, you will see your highlights and sticky notes superimposed on the original page, just what you would expect if you highlighted or wrote on a book!
  • Diigo groups are ideal for team research
    • If you have any need for team-based research, be it a class, a club, an interest group, or a work group, Diigo groups are ideal for you. A Diigo group can be public, private or semi-private


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