You won't want to miss this!

Coming up on Wednesday, July 29, the DEN in SL will have special guest speakers, Dr. Bryan Setser, Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina Virtual Public School, and Jennifer Nobles, who is the Modular Learning Specialist and Virtual Worlds Coordinator for the school. They will be presenting a workshop entitled: A Blended Virtual Ecosytem: North Carolina Virtual Public School’s Great Discovery in Second Life.

Setser and Nobles will discuss how they discovered a blended virtual ecosystem in Second Life this past year. Their session will focus on sandbox approaches, lessons learned, and new clients that resemble Second Life for the purpose of advancing virtual learning among all p-20 stakeholders in education. Moreover, this session will include interactive participation and an integrated piece on to showcase the power of blended virtual ecosystems with other web 2.0 platforms.

The session will be an interactive one, with breakouts and discussion, so come prepared to participate and learn about the exciting discoveries they’ve made in Second Life!


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