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I will never figure why I am surprised with the innovation that defines Discovery. Just when I think there’s nothing new under the DE umbrella (pardon the rain allusion, but that’s been Northeast PAs forecast for most of this summer), they amp up your notion of premiere professional deveolpment. That’s why you do not want to miss the very special Explore Aftrica Today Webinar.

What is the Teach Africa Program?

The Teach Africa Program is The Africa Society’s response to the lack of Africa education in America’s classrooms. Through this program, we work with superintendants, principals, and teachers to include Africa in the curriculum of schools across the country. Teach Africa, in its implementation is comprised of three phases: Phase I is an orientation for superintendents and principals; Phase II is a daylong program with workshop training sessions for teachers; and Phase III is an Africa-immersion Youth Forum for middle and high school students.

Why is the Teach Africa Program Important?

In order to participate in the increasingly globalized world and overcome its immense challenges, today’s youth must receive exposure to and information about the varied cultures of the international community. However, many teachers lack adequate resources and training to properly inform their students. Teach Africa, The Africa Society’s flagship program, provides for this exposure and seeks to fill the void by equipping teachers and students alike with the knowledge and resources to educate themselves and others.

If you’ve read Pink and Friedman as well as Langwitches Need for Storytelling Skills, you begin to connect the global dots and see the sequence and the importance for tackling the challenges of globalization.

How Can I Participate?

Take a virtual expedition to Africa and join fellow teachers and students in a one-of-a-kind live web event! Explore the Republic of Benin, one of the most diverse areas of West Africa, with special guest His Excellency Cyrille Segbe Oguin, Ambassador to the U.S. from Benin, who will bring the diversity of the country, its people and cultures to life in an open, interactive discussion. Learn about changes taking place within Benin as the country embraces the modern challenges of democracy while honoring its heritage.

Tuesday, July 28 at 3:00 PM ET
Note: The webinar starts at 3:00 PM ET, but there is an opening and welcome beginning at 2:00 PM ET.
Register today!

The Bonus

In addition to learning, Discovery added an additional incentive:

The first 25 attendees to register and attend the online webinar will receive a dynamic board game that tests your knowledge of Africa.

The Teach Africa Program is comprehensive, with components for a Youth Forum, Teacher Workshops, and an educational phase for Superintendents and Principals. What a better way to kick off a potential new educational program than with a Discovery Education ground-breaking live WebEx webinar event.

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