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For your convenience, your PA DEN Leadership Council has created a Discovery Education Events Calendar. On it you will find all things DEN, whether it is a national virtual conference, a new program premiere, special promotional galas, a live WebEx event, an EdTechConnect special keynote series, or a regional or state event. Here’s your one-place to check what’s going on.

Because we are using a Google Calendar, you can add the DE Events to your personal calendar effortlessly. Jennifer Dorman, Discovery’s newest manager, is a Certified Google Teacher, and she gave a breakout session at the LC Symposium that prompted our LC to create a DE calendar for PA. If you are interested in a great GC tutorial, check Dorman’s professional wiki. Or, you can use the lower right “+ Google Calendar” and all events will show in your calendar in your local time, even though all times on the PA calendar are shown in Eastern Time. If you want to view full titles and additional information of calendar events, click on the Agenda Tab. Heather Sullivan created a comprehensive Events Calendar for New Jersey’s DEN, and it includes:

So, if you are interested in adding any of these options to your calendar, you can import them easily. If your state Leadership Council does not have an events calendar, consider importing ours and perhaps customizing it with NJ.  Why reinvent the wheel.  Are you beginning to see why it just makes sense to use Google Calendar to organize your life. We hope you will continue to check what’s going on in the DEN as we update events. And if you haven’t yet ventured into syncing your life, professional and personal, on a Google calendar, you just might want to take the plunge.

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